Eight weeks in…

…and I haven’t run screaming for the hills (despite a certain instrument’s best efforts to kick me out). Research progress is painfully close to zero, thanks to the ICP-OES failing to cooperate for three months now. No new data since July, save for one probably-safe-to-use-the-data run from last week, before the ICP crapped out again. Sigh. Between that and classes (aka time black holes), two months have slipped by with pitifully little to show for it.

But wait, that’s not totally true! I did find out that part of the question I’m trying to tackle is apparently a big, ongoing thing that people have been trying to do for a while now. Luckily, I’m at a great research university with excellent faculty to work with, but realizing that was like finally getting my other foot stuck in quicksand. Ah well. Someone hand me a whiskey and I’ll gladly sink.

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