From the field: WY & UT (June 2017)

I just got back from a week out in southwestern Wyoming and southeastern Utah, doing fieldwork. It snowed on me on Wyoming (surprise!) and hit 106 degrees in Moab (not so surprising). Although the weather made sampling a little difficult, it wasn’t ruinous; I got a few paleosols (Eocene and Triassic), as well as some biological soil crusts, which I’m very excited about. We decided kind of at the last minute that I would foray into some basic DNA analysis for the bacterial communities, which I have absolutely zero experience in or knowledge of doing, but I’m pumped.

Here, have some field photos.


Snowy Wyoming in June! The locals were as surprised as I was.


Funky sandstones…

After Wyoming, I headed down to Green River to sample the Chinle Fm. in San Rafael Swell, which I hadn’t been to before. I arrived at sunset, and it was gorgeous.


Oh, hello paleosol! This guy was under a ledge that I hung out with for a while… it was hot out.


Biological soil crusties! Through a magnificent coincidence, I met up with my friend whose grandma happens to be one of the experts on soil crusts, so we went for a little hike and she pointed out all kinds of things.


Stopped in Canyonlands…IMG_7849

Got insanely lucky and found an empty site on the Colorado River at 9:30pm… this is sunrise the next morning. Beautiful!IMG_7864

Got up very early to sample crusts outside of Canyonlands.IMG_7866IMG_7867

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