New UROP student: Sonya!

I’m so excited to say that I have a new undergraduate mentee for this year through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program! Sonya will be joining our lab and working with me on characterizing the soil chemistry of wetlands in Michigan. Her work will contribute to my ongoing project of characterizing soil orders based on iron contents, and will of course be a standalone research project. I’m pumped to get into the field and do some sampling with her! We’ll be starting with visiting some of the sites I went to with the soils class this past week, pretty close to Ann Arbor. From there, we might expand our sampling to all over the lower peninsula, and/or we might continue doing a seasonal survey of soil chemistry at these close sites.

Hooray for young women getting into STEM fields! Hooray for chemistry! Hooray for having a job that lets me hike around in the woods and get paid!

The view to one of the wetlands we sampled as part of one of our field trips for the soils class. Gorgeous day! Really, really hot. But gorgeous.

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