Holiday break & the importance of actually taking a break

Happy 2018, everyone!

Sadly, the end of the holiday break has arrived and I find myself looking back not only on the past year, but also on the past week or so. Grad students as a group generally tend to work a lot, even on breaks and holidays, and my friend group is no different. For better or worse, I took most of the break to actually relax and recharge, and – perhaps most importantly – to get bored enough that I am excited to go back to work, to feel re-invigorated enough about the problems I’m working on, to be motivated to spend a few days later on in the break exploring some things.

Was it the most productive ten-ish days ever experienced? Absolutely not. But did I get to spend time with family and friends, go on runs, cook actual food, bake inordinate amounts of cookies, and get mentally refreshed before the Semester of Doom (aka prelims)? Absolutely. And that, in my mind, makes it a good break.

Onward to prelims!

PS. Had a dream that I got the NSF grad fellowship – here’s to hoping that dream comes to fruition!

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