Prelims paper: DONE. (Also: snowy bog!)

My paper for prelims is done.

Is it perfect? No. Is it ready for submission to a Real Journal? Nope. But is it ready to be viewed by my committee and used as ammunition against me in the oral exam? Yeppers!

Actually, a brief comment on that. I’ve found that while it’s easy to get sucked into the negative hype of prelims/quals – people saying stuff like “It’s going to be torture,” “the worst thing to happen to you ever,” etc. – it’s not that hard to step back, take an outside view, and consider it from the other side: a chance to have a good conversation about science with experts, and to improve your work. Hopefully, you enjoy discussing your work enough that even though it will undoubtedly be nerve-wracking, it’s not the be-all end-all of grad school. Well, hopefully not, anyway.

So I’m not feeling too stressed about it right now, actually. Check back with me in a month and a half, though, and we’ll see…

PS. Sonya and I went sampling bog soils in the snow! Water sampling was hampered by the fact that the ground was, you know, frozen in about half the spots we tried, but we got a couple water samples and a full transect of the bog, so it was a success! The sun even peeked out over the LOTR-esque misty wintery forest.


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