SW Wyoming – Early Eocene paleosols
SE Utah – biological soil crusts; Triassic paleosols
India – Cretaceous paleosols between flows of the Deccan traps
Upcoming fieldwork in 2018: Modern soils in Iceland; more paleosols in UT and WY; more biological soil crusts; sampling basalt-parented soils in the Columbia River Flood Basalts.


Wet, stable climate in India across the K-Pg. [Abstract] Dzombak et al. (2017). GSA Annual Meeting 2017. Oral presentation.

Iron in soils as a precipitation proxy. [Abstract] Dzombak & Sheldon (2016). For AGU Fall Meeting 2016. Poster.


November 2017 – Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, supporting research on iron in modern soils.

June 2017 – American Philosophical Society Lewis & Clark Fund for Astrobiology Grant (NASA Astrobiology), supporting research on modern soils and biological soil crusts in Iceland.

April 2017 – Turner Award, supporting Wyoming fieldwork

April 2017 – GSA Graduate Student Research Grant, funds for Wyoming fieldwork for iron in soils research

2016-2017 – Departmental fellowship, three semesters of tuition + stipend funding


2016-2018: Mentored undergraduate students as part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at Michigan. Taught lab, fieldwork, and research skills; advised on posters and presenting.

Fall 2017: EARTH442, soil chemistry and biology, with field trips and lab components.

Summer 2017: EARTH440, a four-week field mapping course in Jackson, WY.


2017-18: Assisting in the design of a museum display on soils and the environment.

Member: Association of Women in Science, FEMMES, GeoClub