SW Wyoming – Early Eocene paleosols
SE Utah – biological soil crusts; Triassic paleosols
India – Cretaceous paleosols between flows of the Deccan traps
Upcoming: Modern soils in Iceland! And hopefully Hawaii. And maybe Atacama.


Wet, stable climate in India across the K-Pg. [Abstract] Dzombak et al. (2017). GSA Annual Meeting 2017. Oral presentation.

Iron in soils as a precipitation proxy. [Abstract] Dzombak & Sheldon (2016). For AGU Fall Meeting 2016. Poster.


November 2017 Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, supporting research on iron in modern soils.

June 2017 Lewis & Clark Astrobiology Grant, supporting research on modern soils and biological soil crusts in Iceland.

April 2017 Turner Award, supporting Wyoming fieldwork

April 2017 GSA grant, funds for Wyoming fieldwork for iron in soils research

2016-2017 Departmental fellowship, two semesters of funding


2016-2018: Mentored undergraduate students as part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at Michigan. Taught lab, fieldwork, and research skills; advised on posters and presenting.

Summer 2017: EARTH440, a four-week field mapping course in Jackson, WY.

Fall 2017: EARTH442, soil chemistry and biology, with field trips and lab components.


2017-18: Assisting in the design of a museum display on soils and the environment.

Member: Association of Women in Science, FEMMES, GeoClub